Should I Buy OEM or Aftermarket Fender Liners

When shopping for replacement fender liners you typically have two choices; OEM and aftermarket wheel liners. The choice really comes down to durability and price. When comparing the durability of the two choices, in almost every situation, OEM splash guards easily win. OEM fender liners are typically made thicker and are therefore more rigid. Being more rigid, OEM liners can be slightly easier to install.

The real question is do fender liners need to be extremely durable? Beyond installation, unless you are driving on very rugged terrain, the answer is usually no. Most of the problems we have seen with aftermarket fender liners are due to incorrect installation. When installed correctly your splash guards should never be touching/rubbing your vehicle’s tires. If installed incorrectly and the tire is allowed to rub against the liner then you can run into issues where your liners will start wearing away.

The next question t

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