Bumper Covers vs Bumpers - What's the Difference?

Where Does a Bumper Cover Go?
A bumper cover, as the name suggests, covers the actual impact-absorbing bumper and is largely an aesthetic accent. The actual bumper is typically a fixed structure, sometimes integrated into the vehicle itself, whose main purpose is to act as an impact absorber for collisions. While a bumper cover’s main role is visual in nature, they can provide some small amount of additional safety.

Are Bumper Covers Necessary?
In many older vehicles the bumper, typically steel construction and chrome plated, was integrated into the vehicle itself and served as its own aesthetic accessory. This is no longer the case and the bumper is mainly an aesthetically-challenged interior component. Hence, the modern bumper cover is necessary and serves some additional purposes. Typically molded and made in either plastic or fiberglass, bumper covers give your vehicle a more sleek and finished appearance. More importantly, the bumper cover p

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